Whole Health Everyday Partnership

Whole Health Everyday Partnership

Whole Health Everyday 

Want Detox Desserts, but don’t bake?  We’ve got you covered! 

Detox Desserts is excited to announce our new partnership with Whole Health Everyday, a team of talented private chefs serving AZ, CA and NV.  Whole Health Everyday is now incorporating the DD product line into their meal prep and entertaining services.  Enjoy affordable, healthy, made from scratch meals in your own home prepared by an experienced chef.  Simply tell them what dinners and healthy desserts you want, they do the work for you!  No more shopping, food prep or cleanup…just healthy meals customized for your household.  

Cheers! -The DD Team

Whole Health Everyday Meal Prep  

Whole Health Everyday is a team of talented chefs who are passionate about the health and wellness of our clients. We believe healthy food preparation is the foundation of whole body wellness, and we work with health and wellness providers to help our clients’ achieve and sustain their goals - whether it be feeding their family clean foods, making a lifestyle change, recovering from an illness, setting fitness goals, or fueling their success. Our chefs are constantly learning and growing, consistently providing our clients with the best of weekly meal prep, dinner parties, cooking lessons, and more.”

Chefs available in Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ, Orange County, CA and Las Vegas, NV

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