Swap Tutorials

New to Detox Desserts?

Dr. Alexis created 2 quick tutorial series for you. 

The Swap Success series demonstrates how to use the Sweet Swaps. 

The Swap Science series explains the benefits of eating Detox Desserts and how it can improve health.

Swap Success

We want you to be successful with the Swaps from the start!  Watch these quick videos to get comfortable using the Sweet Swaps to detox your favorite desserts.

I. Intro to the Swaps

II. General Swap Tips

III. Whole Grain vs. Grain-Free Baking

IV. Recap for Success

Swap Science

Learn the science and nutrition behind the Swaps!  Watch these short videos to find out how Detox Desserts benefit the body and improve health. 

I. Intro to the Science

II. Choosing Your Flour Swap

III. Improve Digestion

IV. Boost the Metabolism

V. Fiber Reduces Cholesterol