Own a bakery, restaurant or food service facility?

Detox Desserts is the only physician-formulated, clinically-tested product line designed to simplify healthy baking in your commercial kitchen. Our trusted brand will elevate your business while meeting the demand for clean, delicious desserts.  We’ll help you capture new markets, stand out among the competition and improve the health of your patrons!  

Wholesale Accounts

Customized nutrition, recipes and marketing information is available for bakeries, restaurants and food service providers.

bakeries & restaurants

Instantly expand your customer base to include all those seeking healthy dessert options and patrons with specific dietary needs including gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, low-carb and sugar-free.

Hospitals & assisted living/senior care

Detox Desserts are the perfect solution for facilities caring for people with health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, and chronic or post-surgery constipation.

Lisa Reek

Sales Lead

Lisa is an award-winning sales professional with decades of experience in the technology industry. With a passion for baking and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she brings her expertise, enthusiasm and ‘sweet’ personality to Detox Desserts.

Her in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs allows her to exceed expectations and provide excellent service. She does what it takes to develop and maintain strong relationships centered on trust and always puts the customer first. Lisa is excited to share more about the Detox Desserts’ product line, wholesale pricing and to help your company expand into growing markets. 

Set up your account

Contact Lisa for pricing and account setup:
sales@detoxdesserts.com | 480-390-1574