Detox Desserts in the hands of Pros!

Detox Desserts in the hands of Pros!

Chef Alex Colaianni of Whole Health Everyday in Scottsdale, AZ shares his candid, yet delicious experience working with the Sweet Swaps.  

Baking with the Swaps

By: Chef Alex Colaianni


Recently I had the experience of working with four of the “Swap” baking products from Detox Desserts on a batch of oatmeal cookies. These products are designed to provide low carb, high fiber, plant based and protein rich alternatives for the four basic baking ingredients, eggs, butter, sugar and flour. 

I applied all four of these products to a very traditional oatmeal cookie recipe. First working through the creaming of butter, sugar and egg as most cookie recipes do, I found the butter swap (almonds & olive oil) creamed very well with the sugar swap (four natural ingredients). Followed by the addition of the egg swap (almond protein-based) the three combined very smoothly. 

Finishing the recipe with the addition of the flour swap (almond flour, coconut flour & psyllium husk) and the oats produced a nice densely textured cookie dough. The only departure from the traditional oatmeal cookie was the lack of a specific swap for brown sugar, resulting in a slightly less sweet and paler dough. 

The dough formed up very well and baked right in line with the temperature and time expectations of the recipe. The method and ingredients resulted in a cookie with a great soft texture, slightly less sweet oatmeal cookie. The only thing I found this cookie lacked was the requisite guilt that popping a few afternoon oatmeal cookies can produce. 

I look forward to working with these products in other baking applications.


Chef Alex

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