Samz Sweetz Partnership Announcement!

Samz Sweetz Partnership Announcement!

Attention healthy dessert lovers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree, & Cave Creek!  Detox Desserts are now available for pickup or delivery through our partnership with Samz Sweetz.  

If you want healthy desserts but don’t bake, you must check out Samz Sweetz.  We met Sam through our community outreach.  She sells her decadent, made from scratch desserts and breads at markets all over the north valley.  We gave her a handful of Sweet Swaps to test in her cute cottage bakery and it was “love at first bake”;)  She will now be taking custom requests for a variety of Detox Desserts including scones, cookies, cakes, breads and more.  Bring sweetness into your healthy lifestyle and schedule a convenient pick-up or delivery with Sam today.  Cheers to your delicious health! 

Dr. Alexis & the DD Team  


Meet Sam:

I'm Sam, and I founded Samz Sweetz three years ago in Arizona, where I was born and raised. My baking journey began as a personal passion, rooted in my Jewish heritage and the cherished recipes passed down through my family. Over time, as Samz Sweetz has grown, I've embraced the opportunity to share my love for traditional Jewish treats with my community.

However, my vision for Samz Sweetz extends beyond tradition. Recognizing the importance of health-conscious choices, I've expanded my offerings to include recipes that cater to individuals seeking delicious sweets without compromising their dietary preferences. I am excited to start this partnership with Detox Desserts. 

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Samz Sweetz (

Samz Sweetz

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