My Whole Health Everyday Experience

My Whole Health Everyday Experience

Whole Health Everyday

If you're interested in healthy, gourmet, made from scratch meals prepared by an experienced chef, you MUST check out Whole Health Everyday!  My husband and I recently had the opportunity to experience Chef Mary’s custom crafted dinner menu where I had her focus on balanced macronutrient meals using only seasonal, organic ingredients.  She did the grocery shopping (at my requested stores), cooking and clean-up (she left our kitchen cleaner than she found it, btw). Our dinners included entrees like walnut crusted salmon with roasted asparagus and quinoa, bone-in turkey breast with orange chutney and farro pilaf, and delicata stuffed squash with sauteed spinach and parsnip mash.  For breakfast, quinoa protein porridge and paleo granola yogurt parfaits were two delightful options. Of course, she offered to make Detox Desserts which made me chuckle because oftentimes, the only food we have in our house is DD;)  


Although I typically enjoy cooking, it was wonderful to come home to 7 days worth of gourmet meals neatly labeled and stacked in the refrigerator during my busy week.  The extra space it created allowed for some much needed self-care time and extra quality connective time with my husband. I also found that I was more productive throughout the work week because I had extra bandwidth to accomplish more important and pressing to-do items.  Strangely enough, I didn’t even miss cooking! I appreciated the ease and freedom it added to each day.  Whether you need an occasional break from the stress of healthy food prep, or if you want to turn over your kitchen to a real professional, they make the process easy and affordable.  We are so impressed by Whole Health Everyday and highly recommend their services.  Don’t forget…these chefs will also make your Detox Desserts! 


If you live in the Phoenix, Las Vegas or Orange County areas and are interested in trying them out, we have limited complimentary $200 off coupons available toward your first experience.  Give our NVMC medical office a call at 480-473-4583.


Or get in touch with them directly: 





Dr. Alexis McNeil 

Owner/CEO North Valley Medical Center and Detox Desserts

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