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Superfood Sweetener Substitute

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Designed to be used with our other ingredient 'Swaps', it tastes, bakes and measures like sugar! Our zero-calorie Sugar Swap is our favorite 1:1 sugar replacement for frostings, shortbreads, glazes and any recipe calling for confectioners' sugar.  For optimal baking and health results, the 4 Sweet Swaps must be used together as a complete system.

*Gluten-Free • Vegan • Keto • Kosher • ZERO SUGAR • non-gmo

Zero Net CarbsTooth Friendly

1 cup powdered (aka “confectioners”) sugar = 1 cup Powdered Sugar Swap

Great for frostings, glazes, decorating and shortbreads. Use with our Butter Swap to make the perfect buttercream frosting or whip up chilled coconut cream to make the perfect light and creamy, non-dairy whipped topping. Create bright colors by mixing in superfoods like blue spirulina powder, green chlorella powder and pink dragon fruit powder.


  1. Slowly thin out frostings and glazes to desired consistency by adding hot water a little at a time.
  2. For firm frosting, substitute a small amount of melted coconut oil for our Butter Swap or milk in your favorite frosting recipes. Allow your frosting to sit in the fridge to set.
  3. Wet fingers to smooth tops of frosted cookies or cupcakes for a professional bakery look.  
  4. If clumping occurs, store bag in the freezer and use a sifter. 

Erythritol, Xylitol, Tapioca Starch (negligible, to prevent clumping)

Manufactured in a facility that does not process gluten, dairy, eggs or shellfish.

Clinical trial showed NO elevation in blood sugar at 60 minutes and NO difference in eating Grain-Free Detox Desserts made using the Sugar, Egg and Butter Swaps vs. a purely ketogenic meal during the 2-hour testing period.

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“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” —Hippocrates

Detox Desserts is rooted in this simple philosophy.  Our nutrient dense ingredients work in harmony to promote metabolic balance, improve digestion and whole body health.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too;)   

Physician-formulated, clinically-tested

From responsibly sourced ingredients to clinically tested products, we’ve confirmed Detox Desserts function well in your body and in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Lopez
Family loves it!

My husband is diabetic, so everything in our home is typically sugar free. So relieved to find something sugar free that doesn’t taste like chemicals but more like the real thing. My whole family loves it! My husband is especially excited for the powered sugar swap to use for frosting. And it’s so easy even my kids use it!

Thank you Jessica! I love hearing you found an ingredient both safe for your husband AND has a flavor the kids enjoy. Since frosting is the most important and delicious part of dessert, this Swap is something I use all the time too;) Cheers- Dr. A

Celine Boochever
Guilt-Free Goodness

I love using the Powdered Sugar Swap to roll the Mexican Wedding cookie recipe cookies in. They look cute and taste delicious without the guilt of added sugar. These cookies have been a hit with my family every time I make them, even my nieces and nephew ages 2-8 are fans.

Thank you Celine! I also love anything rolled in powdered sugar and Mexican Wedding Cookies are one of my faves. I'm so glad your family enjoyed the cookies! When 2-8 year olds are fans, I definitely consider it a win;) If you ever want a similar cookie but without honey (rapidly digesting carbs), check out the 'Holiday Snowball Cookie' recipe on the website. It's essentially the same cookie that uses Powdered Sugar Swap instead of honey- works great. Cheers, Dr. A