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Designed to be used with our other ingredient 'Swaps', our Butter Swap tastes and bakes like butter! Use this Swap in your favorite cake, cookie and frosting recipes. This tasty, 1:1 butter replacement contains no cholesterol, 6x more protein and 2x more fiber than butter. For baking success and health benefits, the 4 Sweet Swaps must be used together as a complete system.

*vegan · gluten-free · keto · paleo · kosher · non-gmo

Healthy MetabolismZero Cholesterol

1 cup butter or oil = 1 cup Butter Swap


  1. Store at room temperature and stir before using.
  2. There is no need to chill before adding to recipes that call for cold butter, like pie crusts. In fact, there is never a need to chill your dough or Butter Swap before rolling or baking.

Blanched California Almonds, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Organic Natural Flavors.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Almonds).

Manufactured in a facility that does not process gluten, dairy, eggs or shellfish.

Clinical trial showed NO elevation in blood sugar at 60 minutes and NO difference in eating Grain-Free Detox Desserts made using the Sugar, Egg and Butter Swaps vs. a purely ketogenic meal during the 2-hour testing period.

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“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” —Hippocrates

Detox Desserts is rooted in this simple philosophy.  Our nutrient dense ingredients work in harmony to promote metabolic balance, improve digestion and whole body health.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too;)   

Physician-formulated, clinically-tested

From responsibly sourced ingredients to clinically tested products, we’ve confirmed Detox Desserts function well in your body and in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So so excited about these products

I can hardly express my gratitude to Dr. A for creating these healthy swaps. I have a long list of food allergies, lactose and cane sugar being among them but I also have a major sweet tooth. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is absolutely amazing! I'm not a baker but now am never without choc chip cookies since finding Detox Desserts. With these products and the fool proof recipes it's so easy! I had some issues in the beginning....definitely have to refrigerate/freeze the cookies before eating!!! Dr. A was quick to respond to my email when I needed help.
Do yourself a favor and try these products. You will bless the day you did!!!!!

Thank you for the sweet review and your repeat purchases Ashby! I love that you never go without the chocolate chip cookies, that recipe is SO good and I typically have them stored in the freezer too;-). Thank you for reminding us to always give DD an overnight chill in the fridge. The texture and flavors change dramatically depending on the dessert and it further slows the carbohydrate absorption (another healthy benefit). Cheers! Dr. A

Caley Rinker
So good!

This butter swap is so good! My 4 year old eats it straight out of the jar & I love knowing it’s healthy for her.

This made me giggle because when I was a kid, I would sneak into the fridge and eat drove my mom crazy, lol;) I'm so happy to hear your 4 y/o is eating Butter Swap and not sticks of butter! Thank you for your purchase and sharing this cute image Caley. Cheers, Dr. A

Butter Swap Obsessed!

Firstly, I would like to say, I love Detox Desserts and enjoy baking with the whole line of swaps. But, mostly I would like to say, I am over 7 months pregnant and Dr. Alexis' Butter Swap has been rocking my world for the last couple months. I can quite literally put this stuff on anything and it is delicious, but my current favorite is spreading it on Granny Smith apple slices with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. So freakin good!

Celine, your sweet review just made my day, thank you. It warms my heart knowing you AND baby are enjoying the Butter Swap. I can tell you're a creative baker. I've always loved spreading it on toast, but the apples idea is genius! The healthy fat and protein are perfect foods for both of you right now. Wishing you the very best in the duration of your pregnancy, a smooth delivery and a happy, healthy baby! Cheers- Dr. A

Kathy Ames
Butter, Flour & Sugar Swaps

The recipes and how to use the flour swaps is key. Thanks to Alexis for reminding me the flour swap needed more liquid as it is super absorbent. The chocolate chip cookies worked for the whole family. The lemon square are my favourite. As it was not a family favourite, however, I cut up into bite size pieces and store in the freezer. I use that as my treat. I am slowly substituting the other swaps into family desserts. They now ask if I used any substitutes! I have passed on the website to a couple people who have digestive issues and also love dessert.

Thank you for your purchase and trying out our recipes Kathy! We love the lemon bars too, and sounds like you noticed the unique characteristic of Detox Desserts - the taste and texture improves after they have an overnight chill in the fridge or freezer. It gives the fiber a chance to relax, the flavors to settle and it actually slows carb absorption (another healthy benefit). We are a small, family business and really appreciate you sharing DD with your dessert loving friends! Cheers, Dr. A

Susanne Johnson
Nut butter

I was surprised at the wonderful smell and taste of this butter.
I baked a cake with it and the cake is delicious with the nicest texture.

Thank you for appreciating both the taste and smell, I bet your cake was amazing Susanne! It took a while to get the consistency of this butter to creamy perfection, with just the right amount of buttery flavor:) I also love the way it tastes in cakes. Since there are no binders in the Butter Swap, make sure you stir well before using it in your favorite recipes. Cheers- Dr. A