Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream

Prep: 5 mins
Churn: 25 mins
Serves 6 (makes about 6 cups)

My husband’s request from the grocery store was “Cado” Brand Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I almost fell over when I saw the $8 price tag for a pint.  I refused to pay that much for a single serving of ice cream so I bought soft ripe avocados instead and whipped up this silky smooth, healthy, creamy ice cream in 5 minutes when I got home.  He liked the texture and flavor more than the store bought and it costs about $4-5 to make 2-3 pints.  All you need is a high speed blender and an ice cream churn.

Mint Ice Cream STATS 
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream 


1 large avocado or 2 small avocados- soft and ripe
1 can full-fat coconut milk
1 cup unsweetened plant milk
1 cup Sugar Swap
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons mint flavoring to taste (I use Frontier Co-Op Organic)- use less if using a mint “extract” rather than “flavoring” because it carries a stronger flavor
1 handful cacao nibs or chocolate chips or ½ chocolate bar chopped (during churn) 
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream 


Put all ingredients except chocolate in a high speed blender for 1 minute until smooth and fluffy. Scrape down the sides if needed while blending.  Transfer to the frozen ice cream maker, add the chocolate and churn for 20-30 minutes until done.  It will have a soft-serve consistency and will continue to harden more in the freezer.  It’s fairly scoopable right out of the freezer so the consistency stays smooth and creamy even after an overnight freeze. 


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Nutrition Panel

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