Detox Desserts can help your Business!

Detox Desserts can help your Business!

Wholesale Partnerships

Is your business meeting the growing demand for healthier, allergen-free food options? Do you want to capture new markets and get a competitive edge in the food business, while still baking the same delicious, hand-crafted desserts your clients keep returning for? We love seeing the possibilities of our physician formulated, healthy baking ingredients in the hands of real professionals. We understand the time it takes to produce new recipes, stock new ingredients and train your staff to execute new menu items. Detox Desserts is here to help and we want to team up with your business!
Our 1:1 ingredient Swaps for Flour, Sugar, Eggs and Butter are designed to simplify healthy, allergen-free baking and give you the tools to attract new, loyal customers. The Detox Swaps will transform your proprietary recipes into Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, Sugar-Free and vegan versions of the originals.  You’ll also find comfort in knowing that you’re offering the highest quality, clinically tested, physician formulated ingredients designed to improve the health of your customers.
We love partnering with large and small businesses.  From local mom & pops, to larger restaurants and national bakeries, we provide the ingredients that help you stand out among the competition.  Simply select your top selling desserts, make the Swaps, and instantly capture a large and growing market of health conscious consumers. 
We understand when you GROW we GROW and we’ll do what it takes to help you grow!  We are happy to provide the nutrition analysis for your recipes and the marketing materials you need to let customers know about your “detoxed” menu offerings.  We love celebrating new partnerships, we can’t wait to shout it out all over social media and blast it out on our blog.  Remember, not all our followers bake, so when our loyal customers get word of a new place in town they can go for Detox Desserts, you’ll earn new customers too…WIN:WIN!
Detox Desserts wants to support you and your team!  We are here to answer questions, provide wholesale pricing and help you implement Detox Desserts into your commercial kitchen or food business.  
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Meet our Sales Lead, Lisa Reek

Lisa is an award-winning sales professional with decades of experience in the technology industry. With a passion for baking and her own commitment to a healthy lifestyle she is excited to infuse her expertise, enthusiasm and ‘sweet’ personality into Detox Desserts. Her in-depth knowledge of customers' needs allows her to exceed expectations and provide excellent service. She does what it takes to develop and maintain strong relationships centered on trust. Lisa always puts the customer first which has allowed her to create long lasting partnerships with local and national companies. When Lisa is not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking and relaxing in her garden.
Lisa is excited to share more about the Detox Desserts’ product line, wholesale pricing and to help your company expand into growing markets. 
Call Lisa directly: 480-390-1574

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