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Whole-Grain Starter

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Bundle and Save! The Sweet Swaps are designed to be used together as a complete baking system. This Starter Bundle includes Whole-Grain Flour Swap, Granular Sugar Swap, Egg Swap and Butter Swap. Everything you'll need to start detoxing your favorite desserts.


Healthy MetabolismZero CholesterolHigh Fiber

For optimal baking and health results, the 4 Sweet Swaps must be used together as a complete system. Our baking ingredients are designed to work together in the kitchen to create perfect desserts and in the body to promote metabolic balance, prevent overeating, improve digestion and whole body health. Use the Bakers Bundle to detox all your favorite desserts.

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” —Hippocrates

Detox Desserts is rooted in this simple philosophy.  Our nutrient dense ingredients work in harmony to promote metabolic balance, improve digestion and support whole body health.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too;)   

Physician-formulated, clinically-tested

From responsibly sourced ingredients to clinically tested products, we’ve confirmed Detox Desserts function well in your body and in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

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Alex Colaianni, Chef/Whole Health Everyday
Ease of use

How fun it's been swapping my way through December treats. I've made 3 of my holiday favorite recipes, all of which turned out great and were easy to detox. My favorite was the "Coconut Quinoa Veggie All-Day Cookies"...I've been popping 3-4/hour since they came out of the oven. Your hard work on these products shows through in their ease of use. - Chef Alex

Thank you Chef! The 'all-day' cookies sound fantastic, but I'm sure everything coming out of your oven is nothing short of perfection;) I love hearing the creative ways professionals like yourself use the Swaps. It pushes my own baking and always inspires new creations in the DD kitchen. Thank you for your purchase and taking the time to share your feedback! Cheers, Dr. A