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Bundle and Save! The Sweet Swaps are designed to be used together as a complete baking system. This Bakers Bundle includes 2x Grain-Free Flour Swaps, 1x Granular Sugar Swap, 1x Powdered Sugar Swap, 1x Egg Swap and 2x Butter Swaps. Everything you'll need to start detoxing your favorite desserts!


Healthy MetabolismZero CholesterolHigh Fiber

For optimal baking and health results, the 4 Sweet Swaps must be used together as a complete system. Our baking ingredients are designed to work together in the kitchen to create perfect desserts and in the body to promote metabolic balance, prevent overeating, improve digestion and whole body health. Use the Bakers Bundle to detox all your favorite desserts.

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” —Hippocrates

Detox Desserts is rooted in this simple philosophy.  Our nutrient dense ingredients work in harmony to promote metabolic balance, improve digestion and support whole body health.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too;)   

Physician-formulated, clinically-tested

From responsibly sourced ingredients to clinically tested products, we’ve confirmed Detox Desserts function well in your body and in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome For Sugar Addicts

I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and most “healthy” desserts just do not pass the “taste test” even if they look appealing. Using the “substitutes” in the Baker’s Bundle is not only easy, but the finished results taste amazing. I especially love the chocolate chip cookies, and anything with blueberry & lemon. An added bonus is not having the stomach inflammation that regular ingredients can cause. Thank you, Dr. A!

Thank you for your purchase and taking the time to share your expereince Catherine! I'm happy to hear you noticed the digestive benefits of DD, while still passing the 'taste test':). Please keep us posted as you continue your healthy baking journey, we're here to help. Cheers, Dr. A

Dr. Jean Luc LeProvost
So impressed!

This is the solution to create amazingly tasty desserts without all the bad stuff. Detox Desserts has helped me (and my patients) enjoy the "sweeter" things in life without the guilt. Everything I’ve made so far tastes delicious and is easy on my digestion. I am sensitive to sugary foods but I never have any side effects or digestive problems when using these ingredients. I can't wait to explore more dessert options…especially chocolate cake:)

Thank you Dr. LeProvost! If you're in the medical field, you know first hand that most people struggle with digestive issues. I formulated the Swaps with ingredients like whole psyllium husk and inulin that work synergistically to improve gut health. It's wonderful to hear you noticed the difference. Definitely try the Chocolate Blackout Cupcakes:). Cheers, Dr. A

I was addicted to sugar!

I don’t normally write reviews but I have to let the world know Detox Deserts are legit. Everything I try becomes my new favorite dessert. I was addicted to sugar and I crave sweets every day but Detox Desserts completely satisfy my sweet tooth without making me feel yucky. The other day, I ran out of my healthy desserts and had some of those “other” sweets but I realized I don’t crave them…I crave Detox Desserts!

Fantastic Cheryl! Thank you for your purchase and commitment to your health. My #1 goal with DD is to allow sweet tooth's like us to STOP restricting. It makes me so happy to hear you've been able to give up sugar and you're listening when your body tells you it prefers the healthy desserts. Cheers! Dr. A

Lourdes Pérez
From a gluten-free veteran

I bought the grain free pro bundle. I found all the products very easy to use. I made the best artisan breads! Then butter cookies, sugar cookies, a cake with vanilla frosting, tea biscuits, a spinach soufflé…
Not only satisfying but also filling. A couple of cookies almost acts like a hunger suppressant.
Perfect texture of the butter swap.
The sugar swap is not overpowering like some others are.
The powdered sugar swap is perfect.
The ratios of the ingredients on the grain free flour-incredibly balanced.
As a person who cannot eat gluten and hasn’t since 2000, I’ve tried all kinds of products. Detox Desserts will now be on my regular grocery list.

- Lourdes Pérez

Thank you for your purchase and the thoughtful review Lourdes! Sounds like all the years of following a GF diet has turned you into a very creative baker, thank you for the inspiration. I'm thinking you found the focaccia bread recipe on our website, it can be used as a guide for endless flavors of low-carb, high-fiber artisan breads (and Holiday Herbed Stuffing;). As always, we are standing by to answer any questions and offer support as you continue your swapping journey! -Cheers, Dr. A

Denise Williams
Newbie Baker

My first attempt was a colossal failure. I think, at least for me, there is a little bit of a learning curve. The products have such a different consistency than what I am used to and I am still getting used to the baking times.

My second attempt, was much better, with Dr. Alexis's encouragement. I made chocolate chip cookies and they are super yummy. One thing I learned is that the cookies don't spread as they are baking. So smoosh them down before putting them in the oven.

In general, I am not a baker and Dr. Alexis makes it look SO easy. I will get better and more confident. I am determined to use the Detox Desserts so I can keep my body healthy as I eat yummy desserts.

Denise, thank you for reaching out when your first attempt didn't go as planned! I love troubleshooting with our customers, I want everyone to love the Swaps as much as we do. Most often, I can make suggestions for minor tweaks that will inspire dessert success. You are completely right about pressing down your cookies prior to baking, all the healthy fiber holds them together. Another tip if you want to have an ultra dense and chewy finished cookie...gently press them down again after they've baked while they are still hot;) Thank you for your purchase and for giving healthy baking a second chance! Cheers, Dr. A