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Bundle and Save! The Sweet Swaps are designed to be used together as a complete baking system. This Grain-Free Basic Bundle includes Grain-Free Flour Swap, Granular Sugar Swap, Egg Swap and Butter Swap. Everything you'll need to start detoxing your favorite desserts!


Healthy MetabolismZero CholesterolHigh Fiber

For optimal baking and health results, the 4 Sweet Swaps must be used together as a complete system. Our baking ingredients are designed to work together in the kitchen to create perfect desserts and in the body to promote metabolic balance, prevent overeating, improve digestion and whole body health. Use the Bakers Bundle to detox all your favorite desserts.

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” —Hippocrates

Detox Desserts is rooted in this simple philosophy.  Our nutrient dense ingredients work in harmony to promote metabolic balance, improve digestion and support whole body health.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too;)   

Physician-formulated, clinically-tested

From responsibly sourced ingredients to clinically tested products, we’ve confirmed Detox Desserts function well in your body and in the kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

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Bre C
An alternative that tastes better than the real thing!

Tried these swaps when making a birthday cake for a family member that was recently diagnosed diabetic. Finally, a sweet treat that doesn’t taste like all the other sugar-free desserts that we end up tossing, because it tastes so artificial, chemical and fake! Desserts made with Detox Desserts swaps not only makes us feel better and more confident about what we’re putting into our bodies, the taste supersedes what we used to make, originally, with lower quality ingredients that would leave us feeling lousy. With Detox Desserts there is no compromise, only surprise at how good something good for you, can taste!

Thank you Bre! I agree, most sugar free ingredients taste weird. I went through countless types of stevia extract until I found one that was not only organic but had zero bitterness. I'm happy to hear the birthday cake was a win with your family and you noticed that your body actually felt GOOD after eating DD! Cheers, Dr. A